What is a printer reset and why is a printer reset?

What is a printer reset and why is a printer reset?

What is a printer reset and why is a printer reset?

Printer reset is the reprogramming of your printer’s firmware so that your printer can use a refill cartridge. Note that reprogramming is currently only possible for newer version printers from Samsung and Xerox.

The main purpose of this process is; To enable ordinary users like you and us to save on the need to purchase new cartridges. Thanks to the reset process, the need to purchase new cartridges for the printer is eliminated and you can easily use a refill cartridge in your printer. Previously, there was no need to change the firmware (refill cartridges worked smoothly in all kinds of laser printers) but now it is a serious problem as some companies adopt a different technology in their new printers.  became. Even if you were using a previously used cartridge in the printer, it was a simple process of refilling it, replacing the chip, and refilling the toner. You could then insert the refill cartridge into the printer and continue your printing without any problems. Now, the original chips have begun to be encoded in more sophisticated ways, and the non-original consumables introduced into the market have become problematic.

In this case,  some in роfesyonel the printer’s firmware, the use of the refill cartridge to allow reprogramming the idea that gave birth. In other words, thanks to our firmware, your printer will think that it is running in continuous test mode. Thus, every time the printer is turned on, it will function as if its service life has just begun.

If so, all you have to do is get your printer ready to print without buying a new cartridge.


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