What Is Digital Marketing_

What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Hello, everyone. What is Digital Marketing? Over the past few decades, marketing has had to keep up and content with leaps in technology and our relationship to it ever since.

In today’s world where the internet is entwined with everything we do, the importance of digital marketing has become very clear. It has also become an integral part of what business means to its customers. So this post will help you learn about digital marketing on the whole but before we get started, let’s take a quick look at the agenda for today’s topic.

So first of all, I’ll be talking about the evolution of digital marketing in this topic will understand how digital marketing came into existence.

What is the history behind it? And what was the major impact it had so once you’re clear with the evolution of digital marketing will move ahead and take a look at what exactly is digital marketing in this topic? You’ll understand the definitionof digital marketing followedby which you’ll also understand.What are the mediumsthrough which you can achievea digital marketing next up wehave why do we needa digital marketing?So in this topicyou’ll understand whyexactly digital marketingis required next up.

We have the scope of digital marketingas you all know.No scope of any technologyor any programming languageis very much important.So we’ll be discussingabout it scopeand we’ll take a lookat the different typeswhere you’ll be understandingabout SEO content marketingpaid marketing and many more.So once you clearwith the types will move aheadand take a lookat the challengesthat you’ll be facingwhile working ondigital marketing.So I hope the agendawas clear to you guys.Now before we get startedsubscribe to EdurekaYouTube channeland click The Bell iconto never miss an update from uson the trending Technologies.Also, if you’re looking foran online certification trainingin digital marketingcheck out the linkin the description box belowand also feel free to putacross any suggestionsand any other topicsthat you want this to discuss.So let’s get startedin this world where we havemore than hundred million peoplewho use social mediaon a regular basis are expectedto be at least familiarwith the core topics.Of digital marketingin simple terms,I would say it digitalmarketing is the promotingof products over the Internetor any form of electronic media.Now people consumedigital content on a daily basisthe like for examplein the beginning wewould read all the newsor the day-to-day in useover the newspaper.But ever since we’vegot smart phones,we’ve got tablets everythingis bound to the online activity.So very soon the traditionalGetting platforms will disappearby replacing itwith a digital Market,which will completelytake over the industry.There are so many advantageswhich you cannoteven count guys.Now if we talk about the historyor the evolutionbehind the growthof digital marketing,this was first usedin the early 1970swhere a programmercalled Ray Tomlinsonsent the first emailand through thisit was establishedthat you cancommunicate using machines.But this was justthe beginning the Lesser.Did they knowthat digital marketingwould create a revolutionaryin the field of marketingas a number of users increasethe landscape evolved from emailto search engineslike Archie Yahoo,Google eCommerce sites,like Amazon eBay and many moreand also the betterstarting point for the historyof digital marketingwas in the year 1990.This was when the termdigital marketing was first Justin the launch of Archiefirst search engine.Now.What is Archie Archieis a tool for indexingFTP activities allowingpeople to find specific files.Most of you might not knowthat Archie is a veryfirst internet search engine.This is when thedigital marketing termwas first used thenin the year 1993 the firstclickable web advertisementBanner was released.So this is also another addedweighing for all marketingfollowed by which in the year1994 Yahoo was launchedwhich was the first e-commercetransaction over net marketand also in the year1996 smaller search engineslike hot pot and Alexawere released next in the year.1998.Yahoo!Launches Yahoo!Web search.So in this casedigital marketing has alreadybeen grown to one extentand this was also the birthof Google Microsoft.Also launched MSN.Also in the year 2001 the firstmobile marketing campaign tookplace next in the year.2003 WordPress was released.I think most of you knowhow WordPress Works any ofthe content creators would knowhow a word press is usedand also in the year2000 for Gmail Facebookand Google goes life.These are the Milestoneswhich digital marketinghas achieved 2005.You have YouTube being launchedand in the year2006 it was launchedand also in the Year 2007Tom Lowe Spotify was launchedin the year 2008 and Googlelaunches its firstreal-time search engine resultsin the year 2009 and WhatsApphas also launchedin the year 2010,which I think this applicationis used by most of them.What’s up is also a platformfor digital marketing India,2011 Google Plusand Google Pandawas launched 2012 KnowledgeGraph was launched.By Google and alsoin the year 2013 FacebookMessenger app was launchedand also this is the yearwhere Facebook took overWhatsApp also in the year 2015.There was Snapchat.So this is exactlyhow digital marketing tookthe mainstream oneby one here by here.You can see that they’ve comeacross so many challengesand they’ve discovered so manynew things the mass adoptionof the internet into everydaylife is the single biggest eventthat has affected marketingover the last few decades,although early desktoppublishing softwarein the first PCS caused searchin print Marketingin the 1980’s the computerswhere a little morethan glorified typewriterand also in the comingfew years the numberof people using the web swordfrom 16 to 17 million.So this is a veryhuge number you can seethat this How digitalmarketing was in the play eversince the beginning now,let’s move ahead and understandthis concept in depth.So what according to youis digital marketing,so it is just a platformor it is just a mediumthrough which you can geta lot of followersor you can promote your productbut that’s not itdigital marketing is oneof those fancy new buzzwordsthat is used in the recent days.It encompasses allmarketing effortsthat promote your product orbrand using electronic devicesor the internet it leveragesonline marketing tactics such asmainly search marketing emailmarketing social media marketingand mobile marketingin order to connectwith the currentand prospective customers.So if you go but the definitiondigital marketing isbasically internet marketing.It is alsoreferred as advertisingand delivering through digitalchannels the Animals can besocial media platformsmobile platforms emailor web applicationssearch enginesand websites to makeit simple for you guysdigital marketing is any formof marketing product or servicesthat involveselectronic devices.So this is a major reasonwhy it’s been aroundfor more than decades.Okay.So now that you’ve understoodwhat is digital marketing,let’s move on and understandwhy exactly do you needto master digital marketing?What’s the needwhat is the necessityfor you to learndigital marketing?The major reasonwould be marketing has a lotof options guys.It is always relatedto the strategiesassociated with itand also you can get creativeand experiment withevery little aspectof the marketing campaign.But when you compare thiswith the traditionalway of marketing,this is impossible guys the taskthat you can complete onlinecannot be done with the helpof traditional marketing.So Traditional marketing firmswould be printing adsphone communication and alsophysical marketing now sayif you want to startoff your businessand you want to promote them.You cannot go to everybody’shouse knock on their doorsuntil I’m goingto start this projector I’m going to work on thiswould you please help me do it?No.Nobody in the recentdays do that.So one platformthat you can actually put acrossyour views put across your ideasabout what you’re goingto be doing is digital marketingso you can actually Weget a lot of supportfrom the other peoplewho are already working on itand also you can geta lot of guidance.So this is exactly why you needto master digital marketing.Now that you guys haveunderstood why this is required.Let’s move aheadand take a look at the scopeof digital marketingdigital marketing hasseveral smaller divisionsthat work in differentdirections yet contributingto the overall growthof the firm basicallydigital marketing is Consideredas an umbrella termwhich is also knownas data-driven marketingand operates overthe digital platformthat is the internetfor the introductionand promotion of variousgoods and services.The future of digital marketingis booming not justin one particular country,but all parts of the worldin the year 2016.The industry was takenby surprise withover 1.5 lakh job opportunitiesin the digital marketing.Domain well what followed thiswas an even bigger surprisewhen the only first quarterof 2017 marked close to 8 lackof job opportunities,the surveys were conductedby a various forums,which have predicted this numberto grow with digitalisationin the nation.Now digital marketing industryis at its peak and the momentdue to many reasons arethese points it is flexiblesince the entire workcan be done on the internet.There is no Frictionof a particular place.It doesn’t matterif you are at officeor you’re at home,even if you areat your native or any place,all you need to do is havea device that is connectedto the internetand then you are sortedand it is very easy accessing.The digital media isno rocket science guys.It is just a pieceof cake the newestof all the users used to takea minimum of few days to learnhow to operatethe digital media.This is purelya user-friendly medium.It also hashigh engagement ratio.This is alsoconsidered to be truebecause the traditional mediaare being completelyovershadowed by the internetLED digital marketingdue to the highengagement factors,the brands and companies havebegun to give extra emphasisto the ad campaignsrun on the Internetor over the televisionadvertisements and the nextwe have the job opportunities.Like I mentioned the numberof job opportunitiesin the field of Digitalmarketing is very massive.The more user engagementthe more job opportunities.The employment sectorhas seen a major shareof jobs generated bythe digital marketing domainThe Courier scopein digital marketing seemsvery attractive to massesand that is one of the majorreason why the professionalsare learning this courseto enter the industry.So you will for sureget a promising jobif you take up digitalmarketing course from editing.Car now and also it helpsin getting immediate resultsand advertisers runninga social media campaign caneasily measure the performanceof the campaignin real term without waitingfor long intervals.You don’t have to wait for anyof the results thatyou’re looking for.The result generationis very easy.So these are the major reasonsof the scope where digitalmarketing is required.Now that you’ve understood aboutthe scope of digital marketing.Let’s move aheadand take a look at the Oops,pretty sure most of youguys would have comeacross the types might not knowit might be the type.But yeah, let me just talkabout the different typesof digital marketing.So the typesof digital marketinginclude SEO email contentsocial media and mobile.So first, we’ll start offwith learning about a CEO.So what is seo seo is basicallya search engine optimization.It is a process of of Optimizingcontent technical setupand reach of your websiteso that your pagesappear at the topof the search engine resultfor specific keywords.The ultimatum isto attract customersor visitors to your websitewhen they search for productsor Services relatedto your business SEOalso enforces the needfor user-friendly websitevaluable and engaging contentand credibility for otherwebsites and customersor Visitors are to recommend youby linking to your websiteor tagging youin our social media posts.So in order to generatetraffic to your website,you can follow the proceduresthat are on page SEOoff page SEO and Technical SEO.So this on page SEOfocuses on the contentthat exists on the pageon the websiteif you want to researchabout a keywordfor their search volumeor the intend you can answerquestions for readers.drunk higher on the searchengine result Pages now talkingabout off-page SEOthis SEO mainly focuseson all the activitiesthat takes place off the pagewhen looking to optimizeyour website now talkingabout technical SEOthis SEO mainly focuseson the backend of your website,like for exampleimage compression CSS fileoptimization and structured dataare the different formsof technical SEOthat can Easyof websites loading speedso this is about SEOor search engine optimization.Now that you’veunderstood about SEO.Let’s move ahead and take a lookat content marketing.So this is a famous sayingcalled content is King.Have you guys heard of it?Well, yeah, you definitely haveto Quality is the fuelthat drives your digitalmarketing strategies.So content marketingdenotes the creationand promotion of content assetsin order to to generatebrand awareness leadgeneration traffic growthand customer interaction.So if I say contentmarketing the first thingthat anybody would thinkof is creationof videos writing blocksand infographics YouTube isthe second largest search engineon the internetand videos arecompletely taking overthe digital marketing world.So the content marketersor the content creatoris make videosthat help in brandawareness lead generationand many more A recentreport also showsthat 75 percentof marketers say videoconversation rates outperformother marketing contentmaking videos is also oneof the way in order to getyour content to rank now talkingabout blog writingand Publishing articleon a company blogwill help you demonstratethe industry expertiseand generate organicsearch traffic for your website.So this is exactly a how contentpocketing Works do note.This guy’s creating contentand offerings relevant contenthelps your audienceto take you as a valuablesource of information.So always make surethat the contentis very interestingso you can grasp their attentionnow next we have paid search.I think most of you knowwhat this paid search thisis also called as pay-per-clickpay-per-click not paperclip.It is pay per click.So this advertising refersto the sponsored result onthe search engine result pages.So if you searchfor any of the content,if you find the word addbelow the title of the topicthat is the paid search.So that is actuallya paid advertising guysPPC ads are visible flexibleand effective for manydifferent types of organizationswith this paid search.You can only paywhen your ad is clicked.You can also tailoryour ads to appearwhen a specific searchphases are enteredor targeted some of the channelswhere you can usePPC are paid adson Facebook Twitter ads andsponsored messages on LinkedIn.So now that you’ve understoodabout the paid search,let’s take a lookat the social mediamarketing social media marketingpromote your brandand also the contenton the social media channelsin order to increaseyour brand awarenessDrive relevant traffic.Also generate possible results.So if I say social marketingwhat will be the first thingthat comes to your mind?It would be FacebookTwitter Instagram LinkedInand many more.So people these days mainly relyon the social networksin order to discover researchand educate themselves abouta brand before engaging with it.So for marketers,it’s not that toughto just post on Facebookor LinkedIn accountsyou should also,we’ve social elementinto every aspectof your marketing activities inorder to create an opportunityfor sharing now talkingabout email marketing majorcompanies usually communicatewith their audienceor customers throughemail marketing emailsare basically used to promotecontents events and also talkabout the discountsand also it helps in directingpeople to the websiteand also in order to succeedin email marketing your Youshould satisfy allthe core attributes like itshould be trustworthythat is you need to generatepeople’s trust with the helpof an email relevant.That is the imagewould be relevantto the topic or the subjectthat you’ll be discussingabout conversational.Okay.So always make it conversationalguys make them feelthat you’re talking to them justlike a colleague eventhough you don’t know them.You just have to make surethat you’re beingplaced into them.You’re portraying yourselfto be pleasant be coordinated.And across the channelsthat is you need to beon time with yourmarketing males strategic.You should always havea strategy to drivethe customers to your website.So now that you’ve understoodabout email marketing,let’s take a lookat mobile marketing mobiledevices are becomingan integral part of our lives.And hence.It is vitalfor marketers to understandhow to communicateon this channel effectively.Like I mentioned you have socialmedia marketing all these Socialmedia marketing applicationscan be downloaded on your phoneand also you can use SMS.So these are the different typesof digital marketingwhich is available and alsofinding the right methodfor your business isthe key to success.So now that youguys have understoodwhat are the different types,let’s move on and take a lookat the final topicof the discussionthat is what are the challengesthat you will facewhile working withdigital marketing.So the first challengewould be be buildingan effective website.So this is an obvious placeto start when a businessdecides to go online.The first challengeyou will be having is to buildthe best website possible.Some small-scale Industriesare already lookingfor professional web designerswho can make theirwebsites look pleasingand also delivera great user experience.So the way your audienceexperience our online presenceis a huge factor in the successof your marketing efforts.So this is a promising Challengeand understanding the audienceSo speaking of attractingthe right visitorsor a customersmany small-scale Industries.Don’t fully know who to Target.This is where by a Persona comesin handy buyer personasare essential inthe digital marketing World.They are semifictional representationsof your ideal customers.So you need to build a rapportwith the customer and know Knowwhat exactly they’re looking forif they’re looking for somethingthat your business dealswith you can actually makea first point of contactand also follow upon their progress andthe next thing would becreating valuable content.Even if you havea small scale industry,which has a good-looking websitewithout valuable information.Your marketing won’t deliverresults as expected contentthat is targetedand relevant to your bias.Persona can attractthe right way.A toast to your site.Ideally that’s a lotof content to create next up.We have promoting content.Even if you’re creatingan awesome contentand deliver your valueor ideas to the readers.There is another componentthat is often overlookedthat is promoting the content.There are several ways.You can feel your contentdistribution all of which youcan take up some substantialamount of time to dothat is social media.This is one of the best Formswhere you can actuallypromote your contentslike Facebook Twitter LinkedInYouTube and also email.So this is about the challengesthat are definitelyhurting the businesses.Okay.So with this we cometo the end of this discussionon what is digital marketing.I hope you guys areclear with everythingthat has been discussedin this session.

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