How to reset bios password Acer laptop

How to reset bios password Acer laptop

How to reset bios password Acer laptop


How to reset bios password Acer laptop.

The reset Acer aspire e5 bios password in very very few simple steps

First of all power on your laptop and

right away start pressing the f2 button on your keyboard

Enter the wrong password three times

it’s the same thing choose enter unlock

password and press enter

there you go you have your eight

digits front of you

you’d have to write that down or


if you have a good memory I don’t uh

or if you’re using your mobile phone

just stay where you are and

don’t recommend turning it off

now go to the Acer bios unlocking software

and enter Acer eight-digit bios

unlock password key from your laptop

and after that just press enter

it should not take you more than seconds

to generate your code

write it down remember the master password

and go back to your laptop now

and type in exactly numbers

so I’m just really saying out loud

what I’m doing there and

you should be in bios now uh you have to

navigate with your arrows

up to security and

set supervisor password just press enter there

type in your master password again

and press enter after that and two

next fields just leave empty and press

enter again twice

there and enter again here to continue

and navigate to exit now and exit savings

changes and press yes and that’s it

your bias password is removed

and on the next boot, you will have no

bios password anymore






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